So you have learnt that content marketing is important for your business and now you are debating whether you should produce the content in-house or hire professional content writers.


We will make that decision easy for you by showing you why hiring professional content writers is a good idea.


  1. Professional Content Writers Allow You To Focus on Your Core Business

Your core business is not writing. This means that if you try and produce content in-house you will have to divert attention from your higher priority tasks.


Taking the focus off your core business may result in disgruntled customers, delays and other undesired effects. When you hire professionals, you avoid these effects and create more time for your business.


2. Professional Content Writers Will Produce Content Quicker and at a Higher Standard

These writers focus solely on writing as it is their profession. This means that they have accumulated enough experience to produce stellar content in a short time.


Professional content writers will be able to do things like keyword research in a short space of time. In-house writers who may need to first learn what keyword research is and before doing it. All this will waste precious time.


3. Professional Content Writers will Produce Content Regularly


Another advantage is that because they are faster at producing content, professional content writers will be able to produce great content regularly. As we have shown in our other article, effective content writing is strategic and systematic.  


Publishing and distributing valuable content at set intervals is a key component of effective content marketing. When you rely on in-house writers, you are bound to have a disjointed content production schedule.


This is because in-house writers may push content writing to the bottom of the to-do list as they may have to focus on more pressing and core tasks at hand.


Content Marketing does take a bit of time before it starts to produce results and if you do it haphazardly you will take a long time to benefit from it. You may end up getting frustrated and stop producing content altogether thinking that it does not work.


So you would rather save yourself time and the frustration and have professionals handle your content creation.


Producing content regularly also has another very important benefit; Google absolutely loves fresh content and rewards those who provide this with increased numbers of website visitors organically (for free).


4. Professional Content Writers will Produce Targeted Content

Why hire pro content writersDo you want to produce content that is targeted and valuable to your audience?


Of course you do, otherwise, your content will not add value to your business.



One critical ingredient in producing such content is having a clear idea of who you are writing for or your buyer persona. Experienced content writers will be able to do the research and identify your typical buyer and then produce content that is relevant to that buyer.


On the other hand, your in-house buyers may be clueless about buyer personas and end up creating content that is not targeted. Such content will not effectively address your buyer’s pain points and concerns.  Ultimately, the readers will not have meaningful engagement with your content and the time spent creating it will have been wasted.


People do not buy products. They buy emotions.  Professionals will produce  content that appeals to the emotions of your potential buyers because they understand that if the content connects with the reader, the job is done.

Do you think inexperienced writers can create content that can resonate with your audience on an emotional level?


5. Professional Content Writers will Produce Search Engine Optimised Content  

Why hire pro content writersSearch engine optimisation (SEO) is very important because it can help you get new leads who find your website via organic search results. (Read this article to learn about the other advantages of Search Engine Optmisation in Content Marketing)


A good content writer has a solid amount of SEO knowledge and through keyword research, they will be able to produce content that can rank in search results.


A pro writer knows how and where to place naturally occurring keywords and citations without looking stuffed or awkward to the readers. In other words, they will be able to write content that is both search engines optimised and valuable to the reader at the same time.

Striking such a balance will be difficult for inexperienced writers.


6. Professional Content Writers Understand the Value of Headlines in Content Creation

The headline is the most important part of any piece of writing because without a good headline the rest will not be read.


Pro content writers are aware of statistics like:

80% of readers never make it past the headline

Traffic can vary by as much as 500% based on the headline


importance of headlines in content writingWith this knowledge in mind, they will seek to create headlines that increase the chances of your content being read by your audience.


For example, informed by your buyer persona, pro writers can create a headline by asking the most burning question your audience has. This is because the pro writer knows that questions arouse curiosity which leads to higher chances of the articles being read.

An example of such a headline will be:


Can Content Marketing Increase your Sales by 50%?


The pro writers can also use a ‘How-to’ headline that promises a solution to one of your audience’s problems.

An example of such a headline will be:


How to use Email Marketing to Convince Your Readers to Buy Your Products.


As you can see, it takes skill, experience and understanding to produce such effective headlines. In-house writers are not likely to have such skills and are bound to create weak, ineffective headlines.


7. Pro Content Writers can Increase your Brand’s Reputation & Increase your Social Media Engagement

Have you read web copy (text) that has spelling and grammar mistakes? Chances are, you have done so and this likely affected your perception of the company behind the website. Weak, ineffective writing will also affect your brand badly.


Pro writers are meticulous and pay attention to detail as they create content for you. This will help you build a reputation in your readers’ eyes and you will reap long-term benefits.


Do you think these benefits are applicable to your business? If so, you should seek to hire professional content writers right away and kick-start your effective content marketing strategy. 

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